Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Account - Erica Blackburn - Co-Contractor

I have very little to go on involving Ericka Blackburn. She speaks with Rosa with a trace of familiarity but has no sign of the touch of death on her. As such, I can only assume that their kind is something more varied and less focused than a Sin-Eater. That said, I am the only Sin-Eater that I know of. Unless Thordis is a Sin-Eater, of course, though that feels unlikely.

Contractor: Ericka Blackburn
Matter in Question: Seems to have similar powers to Rosa Calvaria.
Item 1: Has a lot of talents with electronics and computers.

Actions to be Taken: None as of yet.

Item 2: Spoke of the "High Speech" in the context of supernatural powers.

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain the nature of Erica's powers.

Account - Rosa Calvaria - Co-Contractor

 Rosa wears death in radiance and glory, I wanted to say it was in spite of the nature of death, but now I am not so sure. She is not ignorantly wrapping in the shallow glamour of it the way a goth does. No, she has too much influence over it to be so simple. She knows about what she is wearing, more so than most. I would not be surprised to learn that it was more than what I knew about death myself.

Contractor: Rosa Calvaria
Matter in Question: Rosa has unusual powers.

Item 1: Rosa is occasionally touched by death.

Item 1a: Rosa can see the Auditor.

Item 1b: Rosa does not appear as a Sin-Eater the way Thordis sometimes does.

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain the nature of Rosa's connection to death.

Item 2: Rosa's house is steeped in death.

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain whether there are ghosts present. Ascertain the presence of an Avernian Gate.

Item 3:  There seems to be some connection between Erica Blackburn and Rosa Calvaria.

Item 3a: Both speak of a "High Speech" as if it is connected to their powers.

Account - Michael Callahan - Co-Contractor

I have been Bound for less than a month and now I meet a supernatural with even less experience than myself. I suppose I should not be surprised that I am not the last creature to come into this world, but that it was so soon and in my own city. How many supernaturals are created across the world at any given moment? Do I want to know the answer?

Contractor: Michael Callahan
Matter in Question: Young supernatural.

Item 1: Michael is less experienced even than myself.

Action to be Taken: Support the fellow new supernatural. Study how common supernaturals are.

Item 2: Michael claims to be half-demon.

Action to be Taken: Ascertain the meaning of "demon".

Account - Ames Janda - Client

A woman of infectious energy and passion for her hobbies. Ames is blind only physically. She is aware of everything going on within her business and is more than competent to protect the welcoming environment she seeks to create in her store. However there is a bit more to her than is immediately obvious. She has something about her as inhuman as my own secret.

Client: Ames Janda
Matter: Managing the books for Tanelorn Games 

Item 1: Financial Concerns: I have looked at the books and streamlined the accounts somewhat.

Item 2: Tanelorn Games: Tanelorn Games has seen much death.

Item 3: Ames Janda: Ames is blind but seems to have a supernatural touch of some kind.

Account - Thordis Olvirsdottir - Creditor

Thordis is a large woman, there is no denying this. She has to duck under most door frames and towers above most men. And she is certainly a shady individual. She immediately recognized me as something supernatural and has taken to calling me a "Little Sister" she seems genial and honestly concerned with those around her, but I worry what it is that she has not yet shown me.

Creditor: Thordis Olvirsdottir
Matter in Question: Provided me with a weapon and a training space.

Item 1: Occasional Sin-Eater: She occasionally seems to be another Sin-Eater according to the Auditor. The Auditor isn't sure whether she's a Sin-Eater that can hide what she is or something that can pretend to be a Sin-Eater. We have not seen her Geist yet if she is a Sin-Eater.

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain Thordis' True Nature.

Character Journal

Account - Black-Winged Angel of Manton Memorial Church, Page 1

 It is harder to relate to people now. No, I must alter that statement. I have always had difficulty relating to people. They have never been able to see what I can see and it made it hard to gauge how they might react to me or explain why I might behave in ways they consider odd. Now I can see so much more and it is consistent as well, but there is so much and I don't always manage to express my thoughts and emotions well after the Bargain. It's like I am still...adjusting and emotional expression is at a low priority.

Client: Wraith Busters represented by one Gabriel Victor
Matter in Question: Mr Victor requires extra bodies on hand for an interview and "lock up" investigating sightings of a black-winged angel in a Manton Memorial Church.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Watch Report - Swamp Safety Procedures, Shambling Hordes, and Shocking Sentient Lights

Leaving the second homestead around noon, we pressed south, eventually coming to the Moon-Lit Mire, a darksome place of deep bogs and where the clumps of trees prevents much in the way of light from filtering down into it. The waters are stagnant with only a few places here and there where the there is some little gurgle of a flow. It is an incredibly smelly place, rather reminiscent of that tiefling prior to his recent cleansing. As one of the only members without the benefit of being able to see in the dark, I was obliged to cast a light upon the crystal amulet I used to focus my powers.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Watch Report - Grave Details, Regional Predators, and Disturbing Implications

Upon waking up in the following morning, we set about to perform the task we likely should have 
addressed to begin with, that of dealing with the corpses of our opponents in the previous battle. Upon doing so we found that several of the corpses had vanished. Given the presence of undead in the area, this had us immediately concerned. Sylvia and her children set about packing whatever they could for the trip to the monastery while two of the knights left to start the process of gathering the various homesteads to be evacuated to the north.

A Party of Orcs - Princes of the Apocalypse - Session Twenty

The Chapters and Cast of the Ballad

Training and equipping complete for the moment;
The band set off westward with the knights;
Down from the path, returned the missing component;
Talindra fresh from the northern fights.

Account - Erica Blackburn - Co-Contractor

I have very little to go on involving Ericka Blackburn. She speaks with Rosa with a trace of familiarity but has no sign of the touch of de...

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