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Multi-classing in 5th Edition D&D

Because I don't want to have to retype this the next time the question comes up. It takes too long.

On the Evermoor Way - The Journal of Aisha Yethtai

In the wake of the devastation wrought by the fire giants in their attack, there was much to be done. Fortunately, the giants and most of the orcs were held at the fringes of town. Several of those small, fiery creatures slipped through to wreak havoc, but, by and large the town and the population have survived relatively unscathed. Among other things, there was a massive piece of adamantium to be concerned with.

Survival of the Fittest Misunderstandings

"Survival of the fittest" is a concept I often see misunderstood and misused. This can range from applications of that concept in real life down to making use of it in games and fiction. While the real world misuses are clearly the most problematic of these, I am going to focus on the use of the phrase in fiction and gaming. This is partially because I am writing this bit of a rant after seeing someone speak of a druid with a "survival of the fittest" philosophy refusing to heal others as part of that philosophy. That said, the misunderstandings as applied to fiction and games aren't any different from those applied to real life. Only the consequences are different.

Watch Reports: Paperwork, That Tiefling, and Suspicious Fires

With the matter of my agreement to Lord Anders Ravn's mission, the matter remained to report to the Watch Sergeant Garrison Wyldehunt. I garnered some limited information regarding the others who had been tapped for this task as well as a pair of healing potions. The conversation occurred while I was writing out my official notice of re-assignment to other duties. It is important to keep appropriate records of such things. 

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Watch Reports: Refuse Issue, Overzealous Sweeps, and Summons

I am writing this report to bring to light the issue of a remarkable pile of refuse that is being built up behind one of the tenements on the north side of Athlin. My normal shopping trip this morning was interrupted by the sounds of a scuffle which brought to my attention the sight of a pseudo-dragon being set upon by a pair of dog-sized rats. Myself and a street-performer of some magical talent by the name of Asmodeous engaged the rats and managed to slay them. But it seems that the pseudo-dragon, the rats, and the street-performer were all drawn to the area in the hopes of finding food within this mountainous pile of refuse.

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Fate Core Issues

I was recently in a conversation with someone discussing the Wild Talents game among a couple of other things and mention of Fate came up prompting the other person to respond that they hate Fate because it pretends to be versatile and flexible but it really isn't. Her reasoning behind that pointed toward the skill system and how advancement is done. It is an issue I have with Fate Core myself and one of the reasons I shifted to other forms of Fate that still make use of the Aspects without having the skill system I don't like. However, it occurs to me that I missed an opportunity to share understanding that I have gained of the thinking behind Fate's skill system.

Just to warn, I am going to go over a lot of the issues and problems the Fate Core skill system has for me before I start explaining how I came to look at the system from a different direction. That's because, my explanation for how to rethink things really won't work if you don't understand the perspective I was coming from originally that made it seem problematic. This is also going to be somewhat lengthy since I'm actually touching on several different aspects of the game that are tangentially connected to the central one.

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Zihna, Fallen Aasimar Paladin

Zihna - 1st Level

Character Journal

Str 16
Dex 8
Con  14
Int  11
Wis 12
Cha 16

HP: 12
AC: 18 (Chain Mail and Shield)
Aasimar Save DC: 13
Paladin Save DC: 13
Speed: 30

Proficiency Bonus: +2

Pale Washed Out Eyes
Sickly Grey Skin
Blighted Cyan Hair
165 lbs

The Tale of the Fallen One

At one time Zihna was not mortal. She was one of the celestial host and was called forth as a part of a battle in which a horrible artifact was destroyed. Unfortunately, in the course of destroying the artifact, her form was inundated with the rancid spiritual filth that poured out of the ruptured item. It stripped her grace away, had she not been celestial then she would have been obliterated outright, but as it stands she was left in human guise. Only a human who bore a terrible and cursed pain and could no longer directly experience pleasant emotions. Instead, she mostly feels rage, shame, disgust, sorrow, and all the rest. Her former compassionate nature has been degraded into one of brutality and rage. A brutality she works hard to keep directed away from those who do not deserve it. At least as much as possible.

The Reports of Mariah the Blue

Mariah is one of five women known, to their distaste, as the Daughters of Tiamat. Students, sisters, daughters, and loved ones to a band of adventurers that had thwarted the Cult a number of times in the past, they were kidnapped, dominated, and infused through ritual with the power of the Chromatic dragons. Eventually the mind control crumbled, and the daughters were freed though nothing could part them from the draconic power in their being now. The Green, The Red, and the Black each embarked on their own business while Mariah and Hellenae the White, a wood elf infused with the blood of white dragons, settled down in Athlin. Mariah had previously been apprenticed to a Watch Master and former investigator and gave her magical talents to the Town Watch while Hellenae set about establishing herself as a simple magus.

Multi-classing in 5th Edition D&D

Because I don't want to have to retype this the next time the question comes up. It takes too long.

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